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Thanks to years of experience in the automated lubrication systems field, TLS Tecno Lubri System can guarantee high quality and extremely reliable services to the entirety of its widespread clientele.

The key of its success lies mainly in the initial careful planning carried out by a team of experts, always committed to offer only cutting-edge products.

All the mechanical components are produced in our own factory located in Canegrate (Mi), without involving a third party. Every automatic lubrication system is rigorously tested and customizable in all its parts, in order satisfy all of our clients’ needs.

The selection of the automatic lubrication systems that TLS Tecno Lubri System has to offer means an improved quality of the lubrication provided to the machinery a decreased proneness to wear and tear, saving time and workforce (and thus saving money), increased safety, and limited environmental impact.

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You can find us on Via Treviso 7 a Canegrate - 20010 (MI)
Tel. 0039 0331 402752 - Fax 0039 0331 412766

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TLS Tecno Lubri System’s goal is to make the equipment used in your business more efficient and safer than it is now by decreasing the maintenance time thanks to our automatic lubrication systems.

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