Refillable automatic grease lubricators

Tecno Lubri System and refillable automatic grease lubricators In an industrial plant, one important component that should never be missing on operating machinery is an automatic greasing system that supplies lubricant when necessary. TLS Tecno Lubri System...

Lubrication systems for industrial machinery: why to choose TLS

Lubrication systems for industrial machinery TLS  Tecno Lubri System has been manufacturing lubrication systems for industrial machinery for almost 25 years. Our factory is located in northern Italy and in our headquarters we produce really unique greasing plants:...

Tekaflex and Rilsan pipes: TLS uses only the best materials

Pipes for automatic lubrication systems In order to work flawlessly, an automatic lubrication system needs great quality pipes, made of materials that can bear very high-level pressure and which have really low probability to wear down easily. TLS Tecno Lubri System...

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TLS Tecno Lubri System’s goal is to make the equipment used in your business more efficient and safer than it is now by decreasing the maintenance time thanks to our automatic lubrication systems.